Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 2 - Kamakura

History: Kamakura was established in 1185 AD as the effective capital of Japan following the civil war that effectively ended the height of Japanese refinement, the Heien Period, and began a slow rise of the warrior-lord. This revolution was started in the mid-1150's and centred around Taira Kiyomori who (with his clan) defeated the rival Minamoto clan for control of the Emperor's power. The Minamoto clan through Yoshitomo Minamoto subsequently defeated the Taira and set about strengthening their power base in the west (Kanto region) in Kamakura. Yoshitomo was given the title of Shogun in 1192, but his family was quickly came to be controlled by the Hojo family. This militaristic regime was known as the bakafu (or tent government) and lasted until about 1333 AD, when it was eventually overcome by Emperor Go-Daigo after which control returned (momentarily) to Kyoto.

Getting There: A train service departs Shinjuku or Shinagawa stations (JR Yokusoka Line). Tourist information can be found here (

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