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Day 9 - Sapporo City (Sapporo)

Sapporo Tokeidai 8th February, 2003 - Leaving Hokkaido Jingu we made our way into the city centre again to visit one of, if not the, sights of Sapporo. In fact it's an icon of the city - and a very good example why one should never put much weight on icons. The building is the Sapporo Tokeidai, or clock tower. The building was constructed in 1878 as part of the Hokkaido University - and is presently the oldest building remaining in Sapporo. There are few things remarkable about this building (beyond perhaps the colonialist design that marked the development of Sapporo)... what is remarkable is how much of a tourist attraction it is... and is supposedly one of Japan's three great disappointments in terms of tourism. If you do go and see the tower, there are exhibitions on the top floor (200 yen entry fee) - but also for a good photo op, go across the road (out the front) as there's a building with stairs and balcony from which you can take good photos. If that's your thing.

Leaving the inspiring Tokeidai, we then walked down to the former Hokkaido Government Building (built in 1873) which is now largely used as a public garden - and is quite spectactular in spring (see later trips). There are a number exhibitions inside, and is free to enter. Today however, we were admiring another of the sites for the Guinness World Record attempt.
Hokkaido Government Building

After a day of sight-seeing, T-chan's family took us all out to a dinner of sushi at a very, very nice restaurant. We had a private room - and it didn't take a genius to realise that this was something special. And like most special restaurants, you could just tell you didn't deserve it... T-chan's family spent much time taking in the atmosphere, commenting on each dish as if it were a work of art, and especially considering each choice of plate. To me, it was nice sushi - but then again, until 6 months earlier, I had hardly eaten any Japanese food at all! ? : p  Of xourse, like most very nice cuisine - volume was not the main selling point.

It was very yummy - shame I'm such an uncultured swine! Arigatou otousan & okaasan!!

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