About Me....

Hi everyone... My name is Ben. I'm a 30-something lad from Australia who's just started a new blogging experience. So be gentle!  ? ; )  The blog is called Japanese Ties (not the best name), but it describes the story about the ties that bind me, lovingly, to the country of the Rising Sun.... Japan. They start with my gorgeous wife (known here as T-Chan who wants to retain some of her privacy) and expand from there...

As a word of explanation... my wife is fairly private, so whilst she loves the fact that I'm blogging about our trips, she prefers to keep out of the photos. So, there's a little bit of creative licence with some of the photos of T-chan and her family. Who knows... one day we might get to see the real T-chan.

I grew up in and around Adelaide, Australia (see below)...the capital city in South Australia. Apart from one whirlwind trip around the world in 1998 (the first time I'd been on a plane no less), I had done virtually no travelling. However, I had always had an interest in travelling and the history of the world. In particular - that of Japan. The land of mystery and excitement. Fusion between the East and the West.
The following is a brief outline of my journey through Japan, and in particular Hokkaido (Sapporo) and a few trips around Tokyo and Kyoto. Hopefully there will be some interesting piccies and bits of advice (though I'm writing about the earliest trips that are now about 7 years ago - so things may have changed since then). I'm trying to write up my trips as fast as I can, so please be patient! ? : )

I hope you enjoy!... and please don't be shy. If you want to know anything, I'm sure either myself or T-chan can find an answer (especially about Sapporo).