Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 0 - Adelaide/Sydney (Australia)

30th January, 2003 - It's early in the morning. The only flight we could get was an early one... even though our flight wouldn't leave till about 9 something from Sydney airport. That meant a day in Sydney... but we could handle that (did I mention it was over 37 deg Celsius in Sydney)? In Adelaide however... it's raining. Cats and dogs.

The flight over to Sydney showed the more realistic face of Australia during a January/February period.

We hadn't been to Sydney together before... and we had about 8 hours to kill so we jumped into a shuttle bus and headed into the city.

Ok - it wasn't a quality Sydney holiday (especially the sweating part) - but it was fun, and it wore us out for the flight over.

Finally the moment had come... we were officially on our way... and we couldn't be more excited about it. How the hell am I gonna get to sleep on the plane?

Hmmm... apparently the whole day-trip in Sydney definitely had the effect of wearing us out... as suitably demonstrated by myself... just over 9 hours to go before we hit Narita airport....

...Ok... no academy award in the mail.

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