Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 1 - Metropolitan Government Offices (Shinjuku)

Metropolitan Government Offices in Shinjuku Japan31st Jan 2003 - Arrived in Tokyo, Japan... first stop Shinjuku. Dropped our bags off and went exploring

Definitely advise going to the Metropolitan Government Offices... it's about a 10-15 min walk from Shinjuku Station, and you will have free access to the viewing decks from which you can see all of Tokyo (and if you're lucky, Fuji-san).

MG Offices is one of the tallest in Tokyo, standing at approx 200m high, it's quite an unnerving experience. Thankfully no glass floors.

The view from the Metropolitan Government Building is impressive - 360 degrees (or there abouts) of a huge mostly concrete and glass skyline. If you're lucky the smog will allow you to see more than about 20 km... all the way to Mt Fuji (which is generally enshrouded in cloud). This is 100% free, and a great way to get a feel for just how big Tokyo is.

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