Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 8 - Maeda Shinrin-koen (Sapporo)

7th February, 2003 - A change of pace. Today we went off to Maeda Shinrin-koen, a local council park that offers free cross-country skiing in winter. That's right, you get to use the skis for FREE. I think it's sort of a community fitness and well-being programme, and perhaps designed more for the elderly. I was starting feel a little worn out - but I'm not that old. Anyhow - it was nothing that a spot of exhillerating cold couldn't fix.

Actually this was the first time on ski's and it's not a bad way to start. Ok - it's not that much like downhill skiing at all, but you get the feeling that you're doing something. ? : D ... It's great exercise, and it was nice to get out and just breathe in the crisp Hokkaido air. T-chan is a very good skier - but hadn't tried X-country skiing before. She also found it fun. In the background you can see Teine-yama... Mount Teine - where they held 1972 Winter Olympics ski events. I didn't get there this trip... but it made for a nice backdrop.

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