Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 7 - At Home (Sapporo)

6th February, 2003 - After a strange night...sleeping in separate rooms as is good and proper for an unmarried couple ?:-( ... the next morning I was greeted with freshly brewed coffee and Okaasan's signature sakana dish... a beautiful Hokkaido salmon that was just sugoi oishii! (really, really yummy). I have to say... the next week was going to be a very good time for my stomach - but a very bad time for my waist. You might also see (in the bowl at the front) a strange thing that looks like baked beans... it's actually a fermented soy bean food (at least they called it food), called Natto. This is one of the Japanese greatest joys... but for us Westerners - somewhat like eating a pungent sock. First time around wasn't so bad... but you learn quickly! ? ; )

We had a pretty busy schedule in Sapporo. This was a bit unusual in that it was a side trip for me... but going home for T-chan... she'd been living in Adelaide, Australia for about 7 months and was quite homesick. But this was also an important time for the two of us... how would T-chan's parents react?

Well... time would tell that. First things first... i needed to get me some shoes. I had thought that I had brought some good walking shoes with me to Japan... but the first thing that T-chan's family did was insist that I go out and buy some special shoes. Normally in Sapporo, it's very icey in winter... and that's dangerous for walking. They have either stick-on spikes (attached to normal shoes), or you can actually buy shoes with inbuilt metal claws for gripping the ice. After a short trip to Shoe Plaza, and about 2500 yen later (a cheap $30 AUD) T-chan and I were ready to explore the city. It was Yuki Matsuri time... the famous Sapporo Snow Festival.
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  1. I really wanna try nattou but im not sure if i'll like it or not..hehe

    1. Natto is an "acquired taste". Some people love it, others can't stand it. Only one way to find out where you stand.... but good luck!