Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 4 - Sumidagawa Cruise (Tokyo Bay)

3rd February, 2003 - After having enough beans to have any number of halucinations and out-of-body-experiences - and still not seeing the famous golden Kannon statue of Senso-ji... we decided to look for our own golden the river (if you've seen the Asahi building in Asakusa, you''ll that there's gold to be found in them thar hills.... it's a big giant golden poo (see to right).

Sumidagawa Cruise from Asakusa
Then we took the Sumidagawa cruise that departs nearby the Senso-ji temple. It's not the most romantic, or for that matter the most scenic of river cruises, however, it does provide a very unique mode of transport to move around Tokyo, and ends up within a short walking distance of the Tokyo Tower.

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