Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 8 - Ishiya Chocolate Factory (Sapporo)

7th February, 2003 - After a day of outdoor activity, what better way to recuperate than visit a Chocolate Factory... well - ok - there are better ways, but this is not a bad one. Ishya Chocolate Factory is one of the more famous ones in Sapporo (if not Japan), and its not that far out of our way. It's a beautiful old buidling that's had some characteristic chintzy Japanese bling applied. Very good to visit in winter as it looks appropriately Christmasey.

The chocolate is good, but one thing you learn quickly in Japan, is that it's all in the presentation - and they excel at it. Of course, underlying that fine single wrapped luxury is an attention to quality ingrediants as well. Of course - if you want to go inside, it's about 600 yen for adults and 200 yen for children. Whilst it's a bit cheesey, I kinda like that part of Japanese taste. They do it with passion! If you're a bit tight, or you don't like chocolate, you can just take walk around the fairy-land grounds for free. ? ; )

One of the more weird things we did over our holidays was that we participated in a Guinness World Record (successfully I might add). Actually the record was for the most snowman to be made at one time... and we contributed a very special one for the cause... out of about 12,379 similar snowmen. The sites were located all across the city, where they provided you with the resource. Snow. Buckets. Eyes etc. You provided the grunt power and creativity. We made a special Koala version - a small representative of Australia in Sapporo.

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