Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 6 - Tokugawa (Yanaka) Cemetary (Ueno)

5th February, 2003 - The last day of the first chapter of our Japan trip. We decided to return to Ueno and catch some culture at the National Museum... but first we thought we'd try something different. Beyond Tosho-gu, there lies the Yanaka Cemetary (although this is often referred to as the Tokugawa Cemetary, after the family that ruled Japan for about two and a half centuries - and who have a dedicated section). It's a strange attraction that takes a pair of tourists like us to see a cemetary... and in hindsight, I would not recommend it (even though a short walk from the National Museum).

It is a moody place, and where you will find the good bits hidden away from view. Like the burial place of Ieysasu himself, the attraction has gone - in his case, to Nikko - leaving only a cold reminder of where we all end up (tourist or tyrant).

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