Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 7 - Sapporo Tower (Sapporo)

6th February, 2003 - There are two main ways of getting into the city... the train which takes you into Sapporo Station, and about a km away, the subway takes you into Odori Koen. I'm not sure if it's due to be finished this year, but they have been working hard on an underground mall that links the two (there is already a subway line, but now you will be able to enjoy shopping as you go). Actually, Sapporo has a large number of underground malls - there's lots of shopping to be had when winter chill makes it uncomfortable walking outside.

We took the subway into Odori Koen (the alternative entry point into the city)... which is also the location of the Yuki Matsuri.

In the background you can see Sapporo TV Tower. *sigh* if you've got a good idea.... just repeat it! Actually, though I've been to Sapporo 6 times, I've never once been up the top. I really should go one of these days, but at 600 yen, it always seemed a waste when you can just go into any of the buildings that line Odori Koen and get almost as good a view for free.

Actually another treat in Japan that I haven't mentioned yet is Mister Donuts. It's GREAT! Of course - back when I was a smoker it was even better, but it's one of the best value places in town. You can pick up any number of different types of donut and pastry products for between 100-300 yen, and you can wash it all down with "American" coffee. Basically this is pretty standard brewed coffee - but you get unlimited refills. That's right. UNLIMITED REFILLS. Ok... I don't think i've ever gone past 3...but... I'd definitely recommend Mister Donuts to anyone with a sweet tooth and a tight budget.

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