Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 2 - Daibutsu (Kamakura)

1st February, 2003 - Kamakura is famous for it's Daibutsu or Great Buddha. This Buddha was cast from bronze in 1252 AD and is approximately 13.35m high and weighs 93 tonnes. It's original worship hall was destroyed by tsunami around 1495. For 20 yen, you can enter the statue, though it's a tight fit, and an unnerving feeling being encased entirely in a giant sacophogus of metal. This is definitely one of the sights that you must visit when coming to Kamakura.

Walking in the shoes of the Buddha. This is one of the examples of strange things that passes as hobbies in Japan... ok, so it's not really a hobby, but a sign of devotion. Followers (school kids actually) wove together these giant-szed sandles for the Great Buddha to use (should he suddenly animate and want to go for a walk). After 800 years, I suspect the first place he'll go is look for a Giant-sized Toilet!

If you're looking for it, it's just west of the Kamakura station... an easy walk away.

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