Sunday, April 11, 2010

Yummy Miso Ramen (Sapporo)

8th October, 2003 - Well there wasn't much happening lately except for preparation for the Pre-Wedding Party. Actually it was really quite busy... if you think being a fifth wheel is being busy. But T-chan's family were working over-time, so we ended up having an "easy" meal over at a local ramen shop. Hmmm... is that a bib I'm wearing?... *sigh* T-chan can't take me anywhere.... ?;-)

Anyway Ramen is the name of the wheat-flour noodle that is typically served hot in a yummy soup... where the soup is very much specialised in each part of Japan. Sapporo for example is famous for Miso Ramen - no prizes for guessing the main flavouring ingredient. Alongside the miso, you'll tend to find bean-sprouts, corn, egg, garlic and of course pork amongst other things. Yumm-o!

Sapporo has a famous alley known as Ramen Yokochō just east of Suskino though you'd be hard pressed to find any local Sapporo people admitting to eating there. Purely for the tourists. The real Sapporo residents have their own favourite little shops that serve it just right.... and of course, every family member will swear that they know the best shop. Seriously... family feuds may have started over Ramen, they love it that much!

This photo is from another one of the Ramen-ya near T-chan's house.

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