Monday, April 12, 2010

Pt 2 Autumn Colours in Jozankei (Sapporo)

15th October, 2003 - The place we were going to was Houhaikyou Dam in Jozankei... whilst we had a taste of the colours on the way here, walking through the tunnel was like walking into another revalation. The skies may be cloudy, and the pictures may not do the scenery justice...but it was breath-taking for me and T-chan.

Once again, I will try to let the pictures do the talking...

Houhaikyou Dam

This is a working dam... and you can walk across the dam... just don't look down. ?:-)

There's a touristy lodge here where you can get a hot lunch. Nothing to write home about... but it also feels like it's designed to fit 100's of visitors. There's a few people around, but not that many... perhaps because it's a Friday?

Walking up the mountain you get a better perspective...

I have to say we felt very lucky that the colours were so spectacular this year... in subsequent trips to Sapporo in Autumn we've been disappointed. It all depends on timing and the weather... but this was one of those magical moments for us. Definitely recommend coming here if you're in Sapporo in mid October.

I wish we had better cameras... but unfortunately just our point and clicks! Hope you enjoyed.

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  1. Great photos, the colors look fantastic. Having a good sense of composition is better than a expensive camera.

  2. Thanks... the colours were amazing. The photos didn't really capture the most important thing which is the overall scale. It was like stepping into a patchwork reality.

    Still thinking of getting a new camera... ?;`)

  3. I am big fan of the Lumix lx3. Great photos, in a small and simple package, I loaned mine to my wife, and had to get a new one (this time a Nikon D9) as she never gave it back.

  4. Enjoyed immensely. Absolutely beautiful captures!