Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ring Buying in Downtown Sapporo (Tanukikoji)

October 1, 2003 - One day after arriving in Sapporo, and re-uniting with my beautiful T-chan, we went visiting T-chans No 1 friend, T2-chan... who just happened to work in a Jewelery shop in Tanukikoji (), the long arcade shopping in Downtown Sapporo which can best be reached from Odori Koen (see the attached maps).

It was going to take a bit of time to have the engagement ring made and engraved - so we needed to decide asap. Of course - we also needed to think about our wedding rings as well! Hmmm - platinum was definitely all the rage in Japan at the time. It's always amazed me how difficult it is to get platinum jewelry back here in Australia.

It was a fun experience - but also very weird. Don't buy engagement rings every day of the week. Especially from a different country.

Whilst we were in the city... couldn't resist to re-acquaint myself with that other love... Mister Donuts. Ok - I may not be quite the face of their next advertising campaign, but they sure are Yumm-O! The easiest place to find a Mister Donut is near the North Exit at Sapporo Station - just around from the toilets.

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