Thursday, April 29, 2010

Off to Sapporo and Okonomiyaki

28th December, 2004 - It was cold again today (around -4degC - which isn't so bad considering), and the snow was coming down reasonably strong. T-chan and I decided to walk to the subway station to go into town for lunch. Here's the park where T-chan learnt to ski when she was a primary school student (there's a small hill that is ideal for practicing...). The subway station is about 15-20 mins away, so we're quite cold by the time we get into the warmth underground. I love the fact that you can buy hot coffee in a can from just about any vending machine in winter... that's been a common saviour in Sapporo.

Today's lunch is Okonomiyaki... which is like a cabbage/flour pancake filled with lots of yummy things... Generally speaking, okonomiyaki is prepared for you  (in the form of a batter) by one of the staff - and is cooked on a hot-plate in front of you. It's quite a lot like a thicker monjayaki. We often make this at home - it's pretty easy (just ask me for the recipe) - but it's still nice to have out.

In looking back at my photo's, I wonder if perhaps I have a limited number of ways of expressing my feelings towards food. It would appear I have an equal fondness for Mister Donuts (below). This is very Australian (in a cringe-worthy kinda way). Oh Happy Days.... ?;`)

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