Saturday, April 17, 2010

Peace Waterfall (Sapporo)

24th October, 2003 - Time waits for no man (or even woman)... and at times like these when time seems to be racing away you can really appreciate moments of peace. That's what you find at the peace waterfall (heiwa no taki). Ok - it's not going to win any height awards, and I can't see too many daring fellows crashing over this baby in a barrel to impress their girlfriends, but... in Autumn it's a beautiful spot.

It's a bit of a drive (about 12 km from the city centre by car)...see the map below.

The waterfall is next to a forest that makes for good walking (in good weather) - but this time, it really is getting into the bears domain. So be careful... Also, expect a steady stream of local residents coming down for a peaceful drive or stroll to the waterfall. 

Watch your step...

The path leads right down to the waters edge...

Not far from the Peace Waterfall, you can find small parks such as this one which are beautifully decorated in Autumn colours.

And a closer look at those very happy carp... no fish and chips tonight my friends, not tonight.  (|8^/)

The waterfall and surrounding area are a great place to get back to nature - especially the walks around the hills.

It's most probably not going to make it to the top 10 of things to do in Sapporo if you're on a tight timeline however.  Let the local Sapporo people enjoy this little treasure.
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  1. That place really does look peaceful. 12 k's doesn't seem to far but knowing Japanese roads, I guess it must take a while to get to.

    Love those Autumn leaves.

  2. Thanks for dropping by kyushudan. I guess distance is always relative. I tend to put my comments on distance in terms of people coming to visit Sapporo, and without a car it's always difficult to get around to a lot of these nice places. Even with a car, you're right, the roads are not easy to follow, and this waterfall's not that well sign-posted.