Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A day in the Park - Asahiyama Kouen (Sapporo)

17th October, 2003 - We went for a drive to one of the great vantage points of Sapporo, Asahiyama Memorial Park, which as you can see sits just at the outskirts of Sapporo city itself. The trees here had not quite come in to full colour yet, but were close.

Actually, this park has undergone a lot of renovation recently (completed in 2008), so had limited access recently, but even back in 2003 it was beautiful...

But the most beautiful thing for me wasn't the scenery...

You can go for nice long romantic walks through the forests... They say that you have to be careful of bears in Hokkaido (much like elsewhere in Japan), but surely you wouldn't have to worry about them this close to the city? Best thing is to make a lot of noise anyhow.

It was a good day... and the good thing about Sapporo is that even though we were a stone's throw from the city, you could quickly immerse yourself in the mountain air. It's also a lovely place to share a moment of silence with your partner... apart form the making lots of noise to scare the bears away!

A word of warning - don't be confused... Asahiyama Zoo is not in Asahiyama Kouen... but rather in Asahikawa City. This is a good thing to know Asahikawa City is a LONG way away!... and a final word from our sponsor...

Picture perfect... even with a smiley!

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