Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Moiwa-yama Lookout (Sapporo)

20th October, 2003 - Driving up to Moiwa-yama, one of the best vantage points of Sapporo, you can't help but feel you're close enough to touch Sapporo city. The normal way to get to the top is to catch the ropeway, but if you have access to a car, you can drive almost all the way to the summit for free.

Unfortunately - the ropeway, roadway and lookout will all be closed from April to Sept-Oct 2011 for renovation. That's a long wait!

At 531 m the view is spectacular. Actually, it's not too dissimilar to Adelaide's Mt Lofty which stands at ariound 710 m and has a similar outlook. Strangely, there's a few similarities between Sapporo and my home town of Adelaide... I might go through the similarities at the end of this trip... a snapshot from Mt Lofty is shown below (sorry no night-shots)...

Now - back to Moiwa-yama; I have to say that whilst the views were great, the weather was quite cold for this time of year (not quite up to Hakodate cold... but it was pretty cool up there at night).

Perhaps Moiwa-yama is most famous as a romantic location to take your date - and stare longingly into each others smiley-face eyes... and the drive up to the summit can inspire some romantic thoughts... ok, the starry skies are missing in most large light-saturated Japanese cities, but this is the closest thing you'll find.

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  1. Thanks for reading my blog. I would like to visit Sapporo again. The city reminds me very much of Toronto. I wasn't able to visit Moiwa-yama last time, thanks for sharing the photos!

  2. Thanks for that. Actually I think that Sapporo feels quite western (even for a Japanese city). I think it has to do with the fact that the city itself was designed late in the 19th century - by Westerners mostly - so it captures a lot of the western feel.

    Even though it's very different in climate to Adelaide (my home) it shares a lot of the same feel.

    I love the city, and it's quite different in winter-time too.