Saturday, April 10, 2010

Choosing Kimono & Suits (Sapporo)

3rd October, 2003 - Well, I haven't really talked about this yet... but our thinking was (now that T-chan's immigration approval had come through) was that we would get married back in Adelaide early in 2004. But because we knew that not many people would come from Japan (it's a long way to sunny Adelaide), T-chan's family wanted to hold a mock-wedding party in Japan now. Weddings in Japan are not that dissimilar to the West in that they tend to have a formal (ceremonial) and informal (party) component. Actually, weddings are big occasions and typically involve many costume changes... throughout the day. We weren't going to have the formal wedding kimono... as we weren't getting married.

So we had booked the Grand Hotel in Sapporo to hold our Pre-Wedding party for the 11th October. T-chan had already been looking at dresses (see In-Between Time post), but now it was my turn. We had decided to go with a formal kimono and formal suit/dress for the party.

The kimono are really nice - and take a bit of effort (and assistance) to put on... however men have it easy compared to the women which can take upwards of 1 hour and involve 1-2 extra staff to get the kimono and belts (obi) just right. Actually it took about 1+ hours for the kimono/makeup.

It's a shame that my family back home in Adelaide were going to miss out on this... it's quite a production.

Actually I have to say that I wasn't soo keen on the range of suits... but they had some nice formal kimono. Somehow the word dapper doesn't come to mind when I remember the whole process.... more like "fish out of water". Still it was fun, as you don't often have this sort of experience.

How many days to go?... Less than a week before our big Pre-Wedding Party.

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