Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 16 - Odaiba (Tokyo)

15th February, 2003 - After coming back from Yokohama, we grabbed our bags and re-located to a temporary hotel in Shinagawa... which was a good staging place for departing back to Narita airport. Actually - we had skimped the last night... Here's a word of warning. Don't go the semi-double... which is a novel Japanese invention. Not quite a double bed - but just a little roomier than a single. It was not going to be a pleasant night... but it would be cosy.

Feeling a sudden burst of energy we decided to go out one last evening... to Odaiba. We jumped on the monorail... (we gotta get one of these things... they're the way of the future)... and headed over to Odaiba... over the Rainbow Bridge... where the great Ferris Wheel beckoned.

and beckoned

and beckoned some more...

until it could almost beckon no more...

...and finally we arrived. Actually, there's a really big shopping complex in Odaiba... which we didn't take any photos of. We arrived there fairly late at night, so there wasn't that much open except a few cafes. But at least Tokyo showed us some of those famous lights, on our last night. Just for us.

Goodnight Tokyo. Oyasumi nasai!

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