Friday, May 6, 2011

O-sushi... O-yummy (even at home)

19th July, 2010... Just to show that sushi doesn't always need to be delivered on a train... and indeed, it can be lots of fun to eat as a take-away (from a nice sushi shop). Actually, L-kun's sushi eating was pretty well limited to the non-raw-fish verisons at this stage. I'm sure that will change.

I always think T-chan's family order too, I've not actually arrived in Japan at this stage, this is only for the T-chan and her parents... It seems a lot, but it never quite works out that way. Yummy.


  1. Ahhhh, the sushi over at Jamaipanese's recent post doesn't compare to what looks like a delicious platter above. *mouth waters*

  2. It's a little unfair comparing... but the good thing is that his experiences will only get better and more enjoyable. Then again, who amongst us is that proud of our first time?...eating sushi that is.

    The good thing is, if you've not had much experience with sushi, the "experience" is generally fun enough when you visit Japan for the first time. Of course, having takeaway sushi is cheating a little (but fun). I'll post some more later on... if I'm not too hungry.

  3. now thats what sushi should look like!

    I guess we all have to start somewhere and my sushi experience will only get better.

  4. Exactly... and of course, not everyone has to love sushi anyhow.