Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Very Own Ski Mountain... Tobboganin' Teine

6th April, 2009 - After a couple of days, we returned once more to Teine... this time T-chan was able to join us for more fun in the snow. And like last time, we had the mountain completely to ourselves. Of course the fact that the snow was more ice than anything may have had something to do with that. Still, that doesn't stop you having fun... even the cooler (darker) weather didn't dampen our enthusiasm.

And even ojiichan get into the act. Whilst L-kun was ok going down on the sled by himself, he enjoyed it more when there was someone to judiciously apply brakes. Of course the extra weight on the sled had the counteracting effect of driving the sled down the slop even faster. As they say - swings and roundabouts. 

And not wanting L-kun to think that we were ganging up on him, both T-chan and myself gave it a go. Again, and again, and again....

And whilst the snow was poor quality (but then again, it was April), it was a great experience. Oh... there was one downside however. The problem with Spring Snow is that it has to start melting somewhere. And sometimes it starts melting in unexpected places.  

We didn't take a photo of it, but down the bottom (about 3 m from where I passed, the snow had indeed started to melt to the point that there was a 1.5 m sinkhole in the snow which would have been very messy to fall down. Ah... if I had known that I may not have had quite as much fun on the way down. It is however one of the downsides of having the mountain to yourself. No one to witness the flurry of arms and legs as they disappear with a swooosh and a be honest - danger is my middle name. Adelaide Danger Ben. Couldn't you tell.

Still, knowing the risks, I did the most appropriate thing. L-kun's turn! 

Although going down was never quite the same as going up.... but that's because he successfully negotiated all of the crevasse and assorted other death-defying dangers. L-kun's middle name was unfortunately Couch-potato.

I know parents are sometimes cruel, heartless beasts (I mean, was this some kind of bizarre punishment?). At L-kun's age - and with his lack of experience on snow - he just couldn't quite work out whether he should be enjoying himself. Daddy had no such difficulty.

We're so looking forward to enjoying another trip up to Teine this upcoming March... and I'm sure that L-kun will definitely work out which is the fun bit (and here's a hint L-kun... it's not the going up part).


  1. Great shots. The first one is especially nice. I've only been in Sydney but already I miss Japan, lol (except for the cold weather). But looks like you guys had a great time in the snow there :-)

  2. Thanks... yeah, we really enjoy the snow, and whilst L-kun didn't look like he was really into it, now he can't wait to go back.

    How long since you were in Sydney - and where do you call home?