Monday, May 24, 2010

A Golfing We Do Go...

13th October, 2006 - The Japanese love their golf... and they love their skiing (at least in Hokkaido)... so of course, it makes sense to combine those two things by having a ski course that converts to a golf course during the non-winter months. Otousan took me to a simple "beginner" golf course called Koba-world (that's because I don't play golf)... As a golf player I make a good excavator....

Do I look like I know what I'm doing... the magic of photoshop.

Compared to Otousan, who has played for the better part of ALL OF HIS LIFE (ok - not quite), I barely know which end of the club to hold on to. He tried to give me some tips... such as.. hit the white ball towards the flag... avoid "OB"... out of bounds. There was way too much of this OB for my liking.

Mark Twain said that golf is a good walk spoiled. Well, if nothing else it's a great walk around Koba-world even with the golf. This course is not going to win any awards - however  the good mix of slopes adds a nice variety. As mentioned it's reasonably small (par 66 for 18 holes), but it's great fun especially for beginners.

Koba-World is situated in the Bankei Area, one of the popular ski-runs near Sapporo.

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After a long day (of doing many other physically demanding chores, such as cutting down trees, or lifting cars bare-handed...) I felt a little tired. T-chan's cat doesn't normally get that snuggly to me - but clearly she knew that tonight I would be especally comfy as I took a nap. And no... I didn't sleep on the couch (at least not the whole night).

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