Wednesday, June 8, 2011

One of the Reasons I Gain Weight In Japan - Gyōza

2nd August, 2010 - Well - this has to be one of my all-time favourite Japanese foods, and it's not even Japanese. Gyōza is a Japanese version of a Chinese dish (Jiǎozi), and it's pretty simple at that - but oooh so tasty.  The ingredients are easy: pork (with or without beef), garlic chives, chinese cabbage, garlic, ginger, and salt/pepper - with special gyōza skins (though wonton skins are also ok if you're desperate). This recipe is based on ours, but they are reasonably similar.

The filling's piled in the middle of the skin whcih is twisted around, like a small cornish pasty, and then fried.

After it's cooked, you then add water, and steam for another few minutes (or until the water has fully evaporated).This is the fried version - and you can also do a purely steamed version, and a sui-gyōza (in a hot pot), and age-gyōza (deep-fried). Normal shallow fried is my favourite. Some people don't like the crispy crust underneath on the fried version... but this is my favourite bit! I'll do a proper post on Raising Adelaide soon.

Actually - this post is a little unfair. We love to eat gyōza back home too, so I'm not just gaining weight in Japan! Oh... and like before, it all comes down to quantity, and there's a seemingly infinite supply of gyōza at T-chan's house... and unfortunately, where it comes to gyōza, I have no ability to say stop.

And just to prove that we eat a balanced diet in Japan... we also tend to eat lovely fruit afterwards, and tonight we had an extra special treat. Loooovely watermelon. This big baby may not be seedless, but it was definitely tasty... though I'm not too sure about L-kun's hands here (I'm sure he washed them...). Don't ask me how much this watermelon costs...but it wasn't what you call cheap.

It was however very delicious!

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