Monday, June 13, 2011

If You Go Down To The Woods Today...

3rd August, 2010 - ...You'd have been in for a big surprise. Ok, it may not have been a Teddy Bear's picnic, but it wasn't far off. it's the local neighbourhood children's party. Being a normal Tuesday, I guess it was never supposed to be a family event, and indeed I can't recall seeing any fathers there at all. Do you think I felt like the odd one out! 

Unforutnately - no Teddy Bears in sight.... but lots and lots of children.

The children's party was quite big, with easily over one hundred children running around with their mothers in tow. Japan still has a reasonably traditional family structure of the the mother's staying home to look after their children after birth, though this is changing slowly towards reflecting a more modern view of work-force.

There were lots activities for the children to play... including races, and games for prizes. The water activities were one of the more popular (given that it was in the middle of a hot summer at the time).

And to finish off the day, there was a fun puppet show featuring lots of different characters. There was lots of singing and dancing (or at least foot-stomping and clapping), and the volunteers did a great job.

So L-kun, what did you think of the day? Hmmm... not sure if he's quite got a handle on the semi-obligatory Japanese peace sign, or if he's just had enough. He did have an enjoyable day however, and it's a good testament to the Japanese that they still organise these sorts of community activities.

Good one, Sapporo!


  1. Hello! I just found your blog while looking for other parents raising half-Japanese children. Your family is cute!

  2. Thanks for that... and welcome. Unfortunately, the cutest member (my wife) rarely makes an appearance (a shame) in person.

    My other blog Raising Adelaide has more of our day-to-day experiences... so check it out if you have time. I'm always interested in meeting and hearing the stories of other Western/Japanese families.