Saturday, April 30, 2011

Toys and Food... A Good Day Out

8th July, 2010 - Shopping with L-kun can be great fun... whether that's in Japan or in Australia. Although I have to admit that we have more fun in Japan. The strange thing is that there aren't as many dedicated toy shops (that we've been able to find in Sapporo at least). Most of the toy shops are sections in other shops.

If you've experienced any good toy shops in Sapporo (or Japan in general), please let us know! I'll mention one that we found in Tokyo (KiddyLand) a little later on.

But the good thing about a 3 yo is that they can make anything into a thing of wonder. Like the fake food displays that sit outside many (if not most) cafes. They were a constant source of amusement for L-kun....and I have to admit the first time I came to Japan I was somewhat mesmerised by these very authentic and realistic looking food displays. I always wondered which came first - the food, or the food display (and they just made food to look like the displays). Still, it's one of the good things about travelling in Japan... you will always have a pretty good idea of what you're buying.

And who can resist poking their finger in to test if it's real or not?.... I wonder if the shops ever put the real thing out there?

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