Tuesday, April 26, 2011

LeTao - One of Many Sweet-Spots of Sapporo

6th July, 2010 - Hokkaido's famous in Japan for it's delicious foods, and one the shops that's starting to build up a good reputation is LeTao (which originally started in Otaru, a small tourist town just to the north-west of Sapporo). Actually - LeTao make a wide range of sweets, all of which are delectable.

I know Japanese sweets aren't for everyone, but for me the combination of beautiful appearance and dialled-down-sweetness is great. Now I can't say much about these goodies as it's hard to enjoy food vicariously except through enjoying the imagined taste. They make for excellent omiyage (or presents given typically of souvenirs from travel), and indeed there's a roaring trade within Sapporo for nicely packaged sweets etc. If only I could bring back a container load for here in Adelaide as I think our cake shops could learn a few things from Japan.


  1. They all look good...shipped out of Otaru
    for North Korea.. was stationed at Cp Chitose 2 at that time with the 8th Cav Regt..and returned from Korea and station at Cp Crawford..just south of Toyohira.. Was married at the American
    Consult there west of the train station. 13 Apr 1953... we never returned..I love my years in Hokkaido.. and we had lots of snow back in those days..
    Will Hayden

  2. Thanks for commenting Will. You may want to check out my other blog as we just got back from a short trip to Otaru again. Of course it must have been a bit different back in those days (but I suppose still somewhat of a date spot for your Japanese - and foreign soldier - couples). Though perhaps not in winter.

    Any thoughts of going back at all... I curious to see what the differences would be. Then again, it was a very different time - and tourism would have been reasonably far from your mind perhaps back then.