Sunday, February 20, 2011

Having a Whale of a Time... Noushi-Kouen

30th April, 2009 - This is just a quick post to highlight some more of the parks around Sapporo... and the sort of variety you get here. Noushi-Kouen is a nice small park with some really interesting features. The most obvious attraction in this park is the pool with it's huge whales with water fountains. Come summer this park is  a great place for children to take their bathers and go for a splash.

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There's a lot of different things to do here... and whilst there's a preponderance for concrete the great thing is that there's a lot of different sorts of spaces available. We came back here last year, and I'll post about this park again.

The park's quite large and there's plenty of running room - and despite appearances, there's also plenty of grass to play on as well. Overall, this is one of L-kun's favourite parks during the hotter months. During April it was too cool to go for a splash however.

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