Friday, February 18, 2011

Birthday Wishes... A Snowboy for my Birthday

26th April, 2009 - Well, one of the downsides of living across two countries (even for short periods) is that invariably you're going to miss important events. This trip it was going to be my birthday. So I received some electronic and skype birthday wishes instead... but L-kun had other things on his mind. Like snow. Now - I have to admit I was surprised that by the end of April there could still be snow in Sapporo.... yet here it was.

I feel sorry for Otousan... L-kun's looking bigger and bigger by the day.

Ok - it might not win any awards as far as snowfall goes (and I can't imagine anyone dusting off the ski's) but still, it was quite surprising to see so much snow coming down. L-kun was not so much surprised as delighted. I'm sure he thought it was Christmas time, not Daddy's birthday!

Meanwhile... Daddy had a very quiet birthday back here in Adelaide... which never sees snow in Spring (or winter for that matter). I'm kinda glad however that L-kun could enjoy some more snow fun.

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