Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Changing Perspective... Night Out in Susukino

15th October 2006 - T-chan and I had organised a night out with her best friend, T2-chan. We caught up for dinner and then Karaoke at one of the many places around Susukino. This is where we feel most relaxed...

On the way back, we decided to be a little adventurous and try the Ferris Wheel at Norbesa building. This is not an uncommon sight in Japan these days, giant ferris wheels sticking out of buildings. This Ferris Wheel has a name, Noria (who knows what one should name Ferris Wheels!). It stands about 78m above the ground - starting on top of at 7 storey building. The cost is about 600 yen (the image here is once again from good ol' Street View).

The strangest thing about pregnancy is just how many really strange things there are about pregnancy. You'd think we'd know it all with all of the information available to us... but we weren't prepared for this one. After all three of us had boarded the Ferris Wheel, and within seconds of it starting to move - T-chan freaked out. I mean, literally went into a massive panic attack. The smile below was somewhat forced. It's a bit hard to feel the moment when your wife is digging her nails into your flesh. T-chan is not good with heights, but somehow the pregnancy had brought with it a whole new level of fear.

My expression here, about 6 mins later, was one of relief and tiredness. T-chan was by this time completely over her panic attack, and was now feeling on top of the world. I was feeling just a little stressed.

They don't tell you about these sorts of reactions... and I guess it's different for everyone. We haven't been on a Ferris Wheel since then, and I have to admit that I try to avoid them myself these days. Bad association?... I would recommend doing this (especially at night) - but perhaps you should pass if newly pregnant.

It was clear from tonight that our life really had changed, in even the most basic of ways...including our fears. Undoubtedly hormones have a big part to play - but I suspect that this was Nature telling us that our perspective had to change. One way or another.

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  1. I went up on that ferris wheel in February with Sapporo Sarah. It was beautiful! One of my friends is insanely afraid of heights and does that EVERY SINGLE TIME we went on any chair lift, ferris wheel, airplane... it's exhausting! Better to just stay off them I guess if you're that nervous about it.

  2. It's not so bad - but yes, if you're nervous of heights then it's better to avoid... having said that, it's not a big ferris wheel (other than the fact that it's starting up pretty high already).

    The thing with us is that we did not expect my wife (T-chan) to have such a strong reaction. Was weird AND just a little scary.