Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Night Out Continues... Cocktails and Cake

13th August, 2010 - After a great meal at the rather "themed" izakaya, none of us were quite ready to call it a night, so we headed around to a small little bar that sits on the famous Nikka Susukino corner... if you've been in Sapporo at night, you'll know which corner I'm talking about.

The bar is called....well, to be honest we can't remember what the bar was called. T-chan's friend knew about it, and we were happy to follow along. When (and if) we remember we'll post an update. It was fashionable however - and I might add - a very popular bar, and indeed we were lucky to get a seat. We think it was called Doa or Door or something like that...

You can tell it was fashionable as for some reason they had a thing for chain-mail curtains. A decidedly odd choice I might add, but a good opportunity to try out some chain-bokeh, and manual focus fun.

Ok... now the photo below is meant purely to demonstrate one thing - T-chan's best friend is very much single, so if you're living in or around Sapporo and you'd like to meet a wonderful, intelligent, attractive and very funny Japanese woman... well... drop us a line. [only great guys need apply!]. Ok - my wife's almost certainly going to kill me for that.

And just so you know - this is not my drink. I had a whisky... maybe a triple. On the rocks - and I mean rocks. I scooped a handful of them off the road on the way to the bar. Delicious. And not at all cocktail-ish. Actually, this was my wife's drink... or was it her friends?

And yet another drink that wasn't mine... not sure why I didn't take any photos of more manly drinks... er... perhaps I did, but by that time they were all a little blurry... much like my head.

And it wouldn't be a good Japanese bar if you didn't have something to nibble on... 

And the good thing about this sort of bar is that you can quite happily enjoy a dessert with your drink. Not frowned upon at all in Japan... however, I can't imagine strolling into a bar back at home and ordering a mixed cake platter....And this was a great little assorted platter here! Yummy.... but expensive. I can't remember just how much this was, but I know it wasn't cheap. The good (and bad) thing about alcohol is that your judgement about money can be a little altered... and things start seeming much more reasonable after a few drinks.

In fact I was so happy... with my whisky that I had another go at the old chain-bokeh....*hic*... no seriously, this is exactly what I meant to do. Actually, I thought then that we often don't intentionally de-focus our images. Not sure this is a wonder for anyone else but me, but I kinda like that raw 70's noir look to it.

Now - perhaps just one more whisky....

To find the famous Susukino corner, just head down Sapporo Ekimae Dori... you can't miss it. The bar is on the 2nd floor of the Susukino building itself... I think. Good luck. Just look for the chain-mail curtains!
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  1. Looks very interesting, but I'm more interested in the Whiskey bars that are popping up all over Japan now offering some rare and exotic blends.

    Japan Australia

  2. I'm more a beer/wine/whisky drinker myself...but am a cheap drinker. Anything with a good dash of -OH in it will suffice... you gotta love organic chemistry.

    One of these days I'm sure I'll have a chance to scout out some of those bars - but by then, they'll most likely be replaced by something healthy.

  3. Chain curtains! love it....Japan continues to surprise me...and yes, only in Japan too can you order alcohol and cake at the same time....but...
    In BRian Brew Irish bar in Susukino recently I saw they have "Guinness Cake"...and of course next time I go with an empty stomach I will try that and report back!

  4. They definitely have a style of their own. Sometimes it works, other times not so much. Still, Japan is a country that thrives on "something different"...all the time.

    Guinness Cake would most likely fall into the not so much category. I would however love to hear first hand experience of that.

    As for eating cake in a bar - it's a little strange, but I was happy to go along (less so with the cost though)