Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back in Good Ol' Cold Adelaide

Well after almost 4 weeks in Japan, our whole family is back in wintery Adelaide. It was a fantastic family holiday, and we enjoyed the summer in Japan (my first). Sapporo was surprisingly hot and humid (did I hear someone say global warming?).... but nothing compared to Tokyo which was a real sauna. It was a good trip for all, and my 3yo son has picked up an enormous amount of Japanese in only 9 weeks. Personal shame (at how difficult it is for a 30something to pickup a new language) is mixed heavily with a great pride that he's adapting himself to both backgrounds so well. Then again... you'll meet him on the blog soon enough.

We're all suffering from Japanese food-withdrawal already... nothing like good authentic home-made Japanese food... exactly like your mother-in-law used to make!

I've decided to keep the chronology of the blog going - so I won't blog about this trip until after I've finished the other trips...  perhaps just in time for my next (8th) trip to Japan which is looking like being in April/May 2011. The clock is ticking down for that already. I might post some snapshots on a separate page as a "teaser".... but I'm still slowly getting back into the swing of things.

So.... hope you enjoy the resumption of normal programming.


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